Leigh GregoryRainy Season Never Ends


Green Fuse Records




Mellow Drunk vocalist Leigh Gregory presents an album of reflective songs featuring just acoustic guitar, vocals and light doses of strings / wind / organ / harmonica


It soon becomes apparent that there’s a distinctive style to the album from opening track ‘Awakening’, an instrumental, through  Rainy Season Never Ends’ which uses the same parameters as previous tracks but achieves something really substantial with depth and attention fixing qualities it’s an impressive example of the broad potential of a seemingly simplistic soundscape which continues on ‘Running Through The Fields’ which musically matches the subject with a brisk tempo and weaving melody.  Watch The Ripples’ is another track, which is musically matching the ‘Ripples’ imagery of its title. ‘The Way It Must Be’ hints at a traditional Irish music style, whilst ‘Faith Healer’ lifts the tempo and intensity. ‘Travelling’ brings the album to a gentle close, having achieved admirable character with such a simple stripped down sound, it’s rare to hear an entire album of acoustic music with no drums or bass or even percussion. It feels like a proper ‘album’ in the traditional sense of the word and whilst cohesive it’s not without variety though these directions are subtlely crafted from the warm assured starting point of voice and guitar, additional instruments enhance and slightly colourise the palate without taking away from the focal point, the lyrics and their soft intimate delivery.