Mellow DrunkA Different Colour On My Door E.P.


Featuring two tracks from the ‘Never Sleep At Night’ album and three non-album tracks.


A Different Colour On My Door’ leads the E.P. well. A radio edit, it omits the lengthy outro of the album version and comes in at the magic 3 ˝ minute single mark (well 3:29, but almost). The prominent organ melody of the chorus and some fine guitar work enhance this already likeable direct slice of charming pop.


There For You’, the other album track is up-tempo with additional character brought about by strings and trumpet. Very distinctive and although again up-tempo it makes for a different enough style to the opener to promote the depth of variety on the album.


Ancient History’ – no, not that one, is fairly up-tempo and musically busy with plenty going on in its short length. The tempo change to play out just emphasises the bands comfort with their playing and such touches are what helps to elevate them from the also-rans.


Free’ has a distinctive bass melody that is matched by gliding guitar over an intensifying backdrop. ‘It Doesn’t Change’ sprung to mind at one point on an impressive dynamically progressive song.


Come Alive’ surges forwards in a similarly intense sonic drive upwards to an impressive peak.