Mellow DrunkEverybody Knows You’re a Star


Green Fuse Records


Everybody Knows You’re A Star’ climbs to its big chorus with swooping guitar and backing vocals giving a big widescreen projection. A guitar solo and intensified playing see the song glide on instrumentally before fading whilst still in full flow.


Five Times’ with acoustic guitar and subtle touches of electric is a stark contrast to the full on assault of the opener. A gentle reflective song without the full band dynamics and a more open yet still well textured sound.


Not Afraid’ is just as gentle with piano and a trumpet adding a great deal of character.


Country Line’ is a short instrumental at a slow to mid-tempo displaying warmth and atmosphere.


Mellow Drunk(Demo) - The demo version of the calming closing track on the ‘Never Sleep At Night’ album, it sounds fine production wise and hard to distinguish from the album version and there’s certainly an atmosphere to it as if you’re in the room with them as they’re playing it.


The distinctively direct lead track, an instrumental, a demo and the pair of gentler acoustic tracks make for a fine balanced E.P.