EP Review - Tiare HelbergThe Inconsolable Isolation Of Intimacy


Church manager and artiste in her own right featuring on Marty’s ‘Nightjar’ and on El Momento Siguente, Tiare Helberg presents this EP of self-written material featuring contributions Marty, Steve, Tim as well as familiar names David Skeet and Sophie Glasson.


Tattooed Card’s’ features Marty on guitar and backing vocals and Steve on bass and backing vocals, whilst Tiare plays guitar and percussion. The soft soothing vocals are suited to a song with melodically interesting directions to follow. The musical contributions are minimal but telling creating a warmth blending mainly traditional instruments with a little bit of modern (programmed drums) but overall dominated by voices,


Blue Orchid’, Tiare is joined by David Skeet on guitar and Sophie Glasson (‘Song To Go’ / ‘El Momento Siguente’) on Cello on a gentle song that allows it’s component parts to breathe with a gorgeous intimacy lending a classic timelessness to it, you could envisage it accompanying an old black and white French film or just as easily being performed in an intimate venue today. The addition of Glockenspiel adds to the charm and overall feel of a fine song.



Matador Of Love’ features Steve, Marty and Tim and again demonstrates a beautiful open texture of sound where the vocal is complimented minimally until the sweeping choruses where it is joined by a warm under current, rousing rather than dynamic.


Overall there’s a sophistication and quality to the arrangements and performances where every note and every instrument deserves its place, building from the minimal as opposed to dropping from the intense. It’s an evidently comfortable plain to work on and with charming vocal melodies and intelligent orchestration there’s scope for a range of variations of the style and the potential of a strong album with a mature accomplished feel due to the classic style and enhanced further by the presentation matching the feel of the music perfectly and detailing, as if to replicate the detail of the performances, the individual guitars and basses played. Not just a good EP but a well realised sound and direction.