Single Review     - iOTACome Back for Me


Black Yak Records BYOE37


Come Back for Me (Big Chief Little Chief Mix)

Sacred Cow

Midnite People

Handle On It (Take 2 Garage Mix)

Come Back For Me (Album Version)


Co-written, co-produced and recorded and mixed by Tim Powles who also plays drums, guitars and sings backing vocals. David Lane plays Piano on ‘Midnite People’


Come Back For Me’ (Big Chief Little Chief Mix) features a big strong vocal backed by a successful mixture of electronic and electric live band. The passionately delivered chorus evolves into a powerful middle eight in a song with such immediacy you’ll feel you’ve heard it somewhere before, managing to successfully marry a big ‘loud’ projection with a catchy chorus style more associated with pop balladry.


Sacred Cow’ is refreshingly uncomplicated with a live energy.


Midnite People’ has a soulful vocal backed with a broadly intensifying backdrop. Peaking impressively before dropping back to the calmer style of the opening, the ability to sound so comfortably at ease at both ends of the spectrum suggests a distinctive vocal style.


Handle On It’ (Take 2 Garage Mix), very evidently harsher than the rest of the material here in its presentation but you can tell there’s a good song at its heart, one that would feature on the ‘Beauty Queen Of The Sea’. 


Come Back For Me (Album Version)’ without the softer edged synths of the remix the sheer size and projection of the chorus really hits home.